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Dear all,

After much soul-searching and an in-depth look at the rise of Covid-19 infections and hospital saturation, we find ourselves at a crossroads in our efforts to bring Gwinnett Pride to life.

We have studied the facts and explored all the event alternatives and have concluded that, at this point, there are too many variables that are beyond our control. While we understand that our community desperately needs an event like Gwinnett Pride, there is a time to push the boundaries and then there is a time to admit that the wellbeing of the majority supersedes any other need. So, we must postpone Gwinnett Pride.

I have witnessed firsthand the hard work that our sponsors, volunteers, vendors, artists, award honorees, and my team, have devoted to Gwinnett Pride, and to not let their efforts be in vain, we are not canceling, we're simply postponing for when it is safe again to hold a gathering of this magnitude.

We intend to keep everything as it has been planned, down to the scheduled times for event day. To accomplish this, as soon as we can, we'll present three potential dates for Gwinnett Pride and, after receiving input from our stakeholders, we'll select the date that works for the majority.

We, as an organization, want Gwinnett Pride to take place as soon as possible. In lieu of our event, on Saturday, September 4, Visibility Club will be launching a social media campaign to promote vaccinations and motivate our community to follow CDC guidelines to accelerate the eradication of the Covid-19 threat.

As inconvenient as this delay may be, let this be not a time to grieve what we are missing out on, but a time to reflect on how interconnected we are to one another… a time to admit that we must look beyond our meaningless differences and find a way to restore the broken relationships that keep dividing us, because only then, when we can work together, will we be able to conquer any threat.

Yours in Equality,

Rolando Guzmán (he, him, his)
Visibility Club






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